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Bringing Virtual Reality Development to

K-12 Education

Engage high school students in VR/AR technology, mentor them to learn VR/AR tools and software. Apply learning to solve real world problems 

Real world learning, packed in two 3-day VR/AR hackathon for high school students. From ideation to prototype to presentation.

Get started with VR/AR Development. Check out VRoKCs Tutorials to get students 

Are you a school administrator, educator, parent or student interested in the VRoKCs program. Join us 


Jill Riffer,

Technology Solutions Instructor

Blue Valley CAPS

There is nothing like the hackathon time pressure to go through the process and building a minimum viable product  and share the story with others 

Ryan Manning 

Bad Rhino Games, Studio Head and Hackathon Mentor

VR/AR technology and tools are more pervasive  and prevalent in all different kinds of industries. By immersing the students in these tools  you are giving them a toolset to move forward and be successful in whatever career path they choose 


William Chrisman, Senior 

VRoKCs  program not just helps me to learn about VR/AR , programming , but I am learning about designing and working with a team

VRoKCs Past and Current Sponsors 

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