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Qn. What are the participation requirements for VXR Extended Challenge 2020 ? 

Ans. Any high school student (9th - 12th grade) can participate in the challenge. 

Qn. Is this an individual or team event ?  

Ans. This is a team event, our recommendation is  3-5 students per team, but a team can be of  upto 7 students  

Qn. Do I need to bring my own team ? 

Ans. Yes, recruit your friends aown team,  ideally all team members should be from the same school (who doesn’t love a school rivalary or competition), but if you are not able find team members within your school let us know. 

Qn. Do we need adult supervision ?

Ans. Yes each team needs an educator or a parent as team chaperone 

Qn. What VR/AR devices will I need ? 

Ans. The event is bring your own device(BYOD). Any VR/AR device is acceptable, right from Google cardboard powered by your phone, to WebVR  using your browser or hgh end headsets - HTC Vive, Oculus, Microsoft Hololens etc. 

Qn. My team doesn’t have a headset what do we do ? 

Ans. Try to borrow one, or build your solution using AR or use WebVR tools like - A-Frame. 

Be creative .

Qn. I am new to VR/AR and know nothing about VR/AR development can I participate ? 

Ans. Yes you sure can. Experience with VR/AR development would definitely helps but is not a requirement to participate. We will have learning sessions through out the event that will help you learn some of the VR/AR tools and apply them for the challenge. 

Qn.  What do I need from software or hardware perspective  for the challenge  ? 

Ans.  A decent laptop/PC/Mac, VR headset (if available), Good internet connection. Software depending on your preference - Unity, Unreal, A-frame etc. 

Qn.  I have a question or concern, whom can I reach out to 

Ans.  Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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