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Fall 2020 Hackathon 

December 4th to 6th 2020

Get ready for VROKc Fall 2020 Hackaton. High School Students led design, create VR/AR projects. All collaborated virtually.

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VRoKCs Fall 2020 Hackathon

VRoKCs, a non-profit, software development mentoring program for High School students based in Kansas City (USA), is proud to announce - Fall 2020 Hackathon, a VR/AR software development challenge for high school students  (9th to 12th grade) - December 4th-6th 2020. The event would take place virtually with all student teams working remotely in their respective homes..

The hackathon problem statement will be revealed on December 4th to the participating teams.

Utilizing design thinking and team collaboration, teams will build a functioning VR/AR prototype that addresses the problem identified. Post challenge, teams can get assistance in building their prototype into a minimum viable product (MVP), and with persistence and dedication on to a commercially viable product. 

Technical mentors and subject matter experts will be available during the hackathon to provide additional assistance.  Online support and collaboration tools will also be available. 


Teams will check-in their final project and pitch video online. Submitted projects will be judged by a panel of VR/AR and industry partners.  

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  • Is this an individual or team event ?
    This is a team event, our recommended team size is 3-5 students per team, but a team can consist of minimum 2 students to maximum 7 students
  • What are the participation requirements for Spring 2022 Hackathon?
    Any high school student (9th - 12th grade) can participate in the challenge.
  • Do I need to bring my own team ?
    Yes, recruit fellow students, ideally all team members should be from the same school (who doesn’t love a school rivalary), but if you are not able find team members within your school let us know.
  • Do we need adult supervision ?
    Yes each team would need to include an educator or a parent as team sponsor
  • Will I need my own VR/AR device ?
    Yes. The event is bring your own device(BYOD). Any VR/AR device is acceptable, including smart phones, Google cardboard, to WebVR using your browser or hgh end headsets - HTC Vive, Oculus, Microsoft Hololens etc.
  • My team doesn’t have a headset what do we do ?
    You will have to be creative. Try to borrow one, else build your solution using AR or web browser based VR tools like - A-Frame, that don't require a special device.
  • I am new to VR/AR and know nothing about VR/AR development, Can I participate ? "
    Yes you sure can. Experience with VR/AR development will definitely help but is not a requirement to participate. We will have learning sessions through out the event and there are plenty of free online resources to help you learn some of the VR/AR tools and apply them for the challenge.
  • What do I need from software or hardware perspective for the challenge ?
    A decent laptop/PC/Mac, VR headset (if available), Good internet connection. Software depending on your preference - Unity, Unreal, A-frame etc.
  • I have a question or concern, whom can I reach out to ?"
    Please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Fall 2020 Hackathon Participation

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