As part of VRoKCs program students get exposure to VR/AR technology. They learn various VR/AR tools and build out their own VR/AR experiences/environment. Students are encouraged to look for VR/AR inspiration at school. They talk to peers, educators and younger kids to identify a topic whole learning would be enhanced by VR/AR.

VRoKCs Hackathons - a three day, twice a year event provides a great platform for accelerated VR/AR learning and for students to brainstorm, design and present solution to real world problems.

Following list some of the student created projects as part of the VRoKCs Program. 


Vocationl skills shortage is a major problem in the Construction Industry. Teams of students as technology entrepreneurs build VR/AR application that will engage and excite young adults about pursuing a career in vocational skills, thus building a strong pipeline of talent for the industry  


Students re imagine  learning using virtual reality or augmented reality tools. Some topics are difficult to learn in text and VR/AR can provide a better visual learning. Student explore this path and build out their experiences  


Teams of students are co-founders of an immersive technology startup. They look at a real world problem and build a VR/AR solution through their startup. The students also build a Lean Canvas for their startup  


Students as immersive storytellers explore an awarding winning story idea and build the narration in virtual reality, augmented reality or 360 degrees video  

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